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Why learn to sing?

I have 10 years experience teaching people from all walks of life to find their own voices and learn to sing. I have also spent over 30 years working as a professional singer, and through these two different paths of my life I have found that everyone has the ability to find their voice and learn to sing at a level that will astound them.

Singing is a human experience that everyone can participate in and has a proven physical and mental health benefit. Learning to sing is like laughing, exercising or sunshine and helps general well being and promote a healthy life balance.

  • Increases oxygen intake with correct breathing
  • Improves muscle tone in the face, larynx, rib-cage, back and abdominals
  • Stimulates thyroid gland to help maintain metabolism
  • Releases feel good endorphins
  • Aids sleep, reduces snoring and insomnia
  • Aids co-ordination between mind and body
  • Solo or group singing is a great motivation tool
  • Hear things you never heard before by entering a different aural world
  • Can be used as a form of meditation
  • Is a fantastic confidence builder

My method of teaching is based on years of research after developing serious vocal problems myself.

In finding my voice again I studied many techniques with teachers here in Ireland, and some of the top vocal coaches in America.  I worked with an  Alexander Technique expert and took up Tai Chi for deep breathing and relaxation.

I discovered the Alexander Technique and was amazed with the results I was quickly able to achieve. The Alexander Technique focuses  your every day movements that have a direct physical effect on your body.

It is common for many people to have poor posture and breathing which is formed in early childhood and continues into adulthood. The Alexander Technique has been proven to reduce back-ache, migraine and insomnia to name a few of the aliments it has had a effect on.

For singers it is incredibly important for our voice that our whole body is in balance. From our head, neck, and body working together in conjunction with our breathing we can create a dynamic and fascinating sound.

I use the extremely successful Alexander Technique to get every one of my students to achieve the goals they have set for themselves, and their voice.

What’s a typical singing class with Cathy Vard like?

I have over 10 years experience in teaching people from all walks of life how to find their own voice, and have developed a great method for vocal training that can be used by everyone.

It doesn’t matter if your going for your very first singing lesson, need some help before a big audition or are a professional singer who needs to keep your singing voice in perfect condition, my teaching method will help you to develop your instrument.

One of the main elements in my singing teaching is observing the student fully. This can be their posture, how they stand or any other physical mannerisms they may have.

It is very important that we examine how we sing. I help people every day to develop their voices, and constantly see the amount of tension people carry in their bodies. This has a direct effect on how they sing.

As you continue in your singing lessons, I will help you release your muscle tensions and any other habits that may be stopping your singing voice from developing to it’s full potential.

My method of teaching is not as conventional as sitting at the piano, to make your singing voice the best it can be, we will use my own vocal warm-ups and vocal exercise backing tracks.

This allows me to fully focus on the student and what your needs and requirements are. All of the songs we will cover use professional backing tracks or if the student wishes their own backing tracks or own instrument.