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Try not to get into a throat clearing or coughing habit!

I have noticed over the years that before people start singing they begin to start throat clearing and coughing. I even did it myself until I was told how bad it was for my voice.

Throat clearing and coughing are both very hard on the vocal cords. It can lead to inflamed cords or nodules if not controlled and stopped as much as possible. We must be aware as singers that your vocal cords are being ground together every time the throat is cleared.

To begin to break the coughing-throat clearing cycle try:

  1. Take several deep breaths and then push the air out and swallow.
  2. Try If you can to identify the cause or causes of the throat clearing or coughing (tension, irritants, dryness, allergy etc)
  3. By increasing your awareness of throat clearing or coughing habits you can take control and STOP

If your having trouble with constant throat clearing or coughing why not contact me or have a look at my vocal problems class or breathing class