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Triple platinum selling recording artist - Lessons for Professional Singers and Complete Beginners

I have been singing professionally for the past 10 years but the last couple of years has been a struggle. Between temporarily losing my voice, hoarseness and pain my confidence deteriorated and I became disillusioned with singing.

I spoke to a friend of mine who had in the past had similar problems and she put me in touch with Cathy. Instantly Cathy struck me as a very warm caring person who had a calm and nurturing approach to teaching.

She helped me to understand the fundamental basics of singing and dispelled many of the myths I had been holding onto for years! She showed me the importance of relaxation, posture, correct breathing, warming up and cooling down and walked me through the process step by step.

Within weeks I began to feel a massive improvement in my voice and my confidence began to return!

I am delighted I went to Cathy, it has really helped me to enjoy singing again and ensured that I can keep doing it for years to come! I have been and will continue to recommend her to everyone I know!”

Phil Campbell (Blacktye)