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Triple platinum selling recording artist - Lessons for Professional Singers and Complete Beginners

I am lead singer of a band called I’m Your Vinyl. I remember when I first lost my voice temporarily, it was four years ago right before I was due to perform an important show in my home town of Birr.

My doctor referred me to a throat specialist who informed me that I was suffering with nodules. They have been reoccurring over the years. Cathy has taught me how to maintain a healthy voice on a daily basis, through the right use of  breathing, the importance of vocal rest, vocal warmups and minding how we use our speaking voice.

Most of all, she has a very calming effect on you and has wonderful insights into the world of music. I would highly recommend working with Cathy.

If you need extra training or are experiencing problems with your voice, why not have a look at some of my advanced classes. I run an intensive program for advanced professional singers, a vocal problems class for specific vocal issues and a breathing class to help develop correct breathing practice.