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As a professional singer that sings everyday of the week, I would highly recommend vocal coaching with Cathy Vard.

Having received advice from an ENT doctor to get some vocal coaching to protect my voice after I began to suffer with hoarseness, I was lucky enough to have found a great vocal coach in Cathy Vard.

Cathy really helped me to understand  the fundamentals of singing,  the importance of correct breathing techniques and the science of how our bodies and minds ‘s work when singing, having now worked with Cathy for a few months I can notice the real benefits of her coaching.

I still sing everyday but hoarseness is no longer a problem, and my voice feels like its far stronger and my range has increased, Cathy’s coaching and vocal techniques have been invaluable to me.

Mal attended the vocal problems class

Mal Tuohy – The Riptide Movement