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 We use our speaking voices every day, sometimes all day! Especially if we work in a job dealing with the public.

It is vital not to forget the importance of vocal rest. Using your voice all day can lead to straining the voice, and leaving your singing voice less than perfect.

The first sign of your voice tiring is that you feel yourself getting hoarse or slightly husky.

 I recommend that where possible, particularly in the weeks you are gigging, that you rest your speaking voice and singing voice. On the days leading to your performance there should be times during your daily routine where you are totally quiet.

During these quiet times you can mentally prepare for the gig: visualising it going exactly as you want it to. Hear the songs you will be singing in your mind and hear them going perfectly.

This is a very powerful way of preparing for a gig. By giving yourself proper vocal rest, your voice will have more strength, and the positive mental preparation is as good as doing a full rehearsal.

On the week of a gig I would make vocal rest part of my preparation, especially focusing on positive mental preparation.

I would rest my voice as much as possible the day before my gig, and on the day of the performance just do a good vocal warm up, keeping sound check to a minimum.

Try it you will be amazed at the results.

 As I mentioned in an earlier blog, steaming can be extremely beneficial for a tired voice and can be a useful tool in preparing for an important gig.