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You would think that standing tall with your head poised on top of your spine would be very simple.

But many people are not aware of the importance of posture, and they do not know how to achieve it.

As mentioned in my blog “We Are The Instrument,” if our posture is poor it will affect many things, particularly our breathing. Our rib cage and diaphragm will not have the flexibility or elasticity they need for natural breathing.

If our head and chin are pushed forward this means the vocal folds are now out of line and can’t hang freely, which in turn causes muscle tension.

So when singing think of the following:

  • Stand tall (or sit tall if you sing /play an instrument) allowing your spine to attain its maximum length.
  • Make sure you are not rigid and tense, but at your natural height.
  • Imagine your spine is lengthening and free your head from the neck. Think of your head poised on top of your spine.

What do we mean when we talk about a head poised on top of your spine?

Your spine runs from the base of your back, up through your neck, and finishes at a point between your ears.

Put one finger from each hand inside each ear and imagine you can join them up inside your skull – this is the point where your head is balancing from .
So think of the head poised – balanced from this point, with the “crown” of your head leading up. Nothing should feel fixed or rigid as this will cause tension.

We are all born with natural posture. Look at  young children, see how they stand and walk with perfect posture.

By improving our posture not only will our voices improve, but so will our general health and well being.
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