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Triple platinum selling recording artist - Lessons for Professional Singers and Complete Beginners

Course Description

The key elements of everything that Cathy teaches in her private lessons are in this course!

Would you like to learn how to sing or maybe you would like to dramatically improve your singing voice? Do you suffer with vocal problems and need help with your technique? This course has been carefully designed to give students a full understanding of the physiology of singing and its only with this understanding that you can sing effortlessly.

No amount of vocal exercises will make significant improvements to your voice without understanding the physiology of singing!

Many people learn to sing by themselves and develop poor habits that can lead to vocal trouble and straining. This course will help to free your voice and help unlock its true potential!

Your body is an instrument and we must understand our instrument to get the best from it!

Your tutor is Cathy Vard a triple platinum selling recording artist and vocal coach who has held a two album recording deal with Sony Music. Cathy has 35 years experience in the industry and has been through it all including the complete loss of her voice which nearly ended her career.

Cathy has developed this course based on her 35 years experience as a professional singer and vocal coach so that you can learn what has worked for her and her students over the years.

Some of the key areas addressed in the course include:

  • Understanding the body as we sing
  • How to breathe while singing and breathing anatomy
  • Posture
  • The Mind
  • Singing with emotion
  • Dealing with performance anxiety

What this course includes:

  • Over 1.5 hours of Video Lectures with Cathy Vard
  • Downloadable E-book with course notes
  • 3 Video guided vocal exercises with Cathy
  • 8 Downloadable vocal exercises as MP3s and notation
  • Cathy’s personal weekly training schedule and more

Unlike many vocal coaches that only impress vocal exercises on their students, Cathy has developed a course that gives you a full understanding of how your body works as you sing and its with this knowledge that you can truly get the best from your voice.

All you need to do is follow Cathy’s videos step by step, create some good practice habits using her exercises and the results will follow.

Who is this singing course for?

  • If you’re an absolute beginner and want to learn how to sing with good technique this course is perfect
  • If you’re an intermediate singer or professional that wants to improve their technique and range, this course is ideal
  • If you’re not getting the results you’re looking for from private vocal coaching and vocal exercises
  • If you have vocal problems like straining and vocal tensions this is perfect for you
  • If you suffer with performance anxiety
  • The techniques in this course are also suitable for vocal coaches, choir directors and public speakers
  • Any ability or singing genre can take away fantastic results from this course!
  • A speaker experiencing problems with their voice (ENT has suggested the voice is not being used properly)

When it comes to singing Cathy Vard has done it all! Her list of credentials include:

  • Signed to Sony Music for two albums
  • Triple platinum album sales award
  • 35 years experience as a professional singer and vocal coach
  • Countless national TV and radio appearances
  • Toured the world as a soloist and in a group
  • Hired to sing by celebrities and has sung for US presidents

Cathy has taken her 35 years of experience and developed a simple plan for beginner singers to professionals, to understand their bodies while they sing and its with this awareness that her students begin to get the best from their voices!

From the outset I found Cathy’s online course to be extremely comprehensive whilst at the same time logical. One of the unique features of this online course is the inclusive manner in which it is presented. All video classes are clear, concise and delivered in a very professional fashion. They are also accompanied by plenty of supplemental material such as downloadable pdf’s, mp3’s as well as notation Even the piano accompaniment is included for all exercises so you can accompany yourself in your own time. This approach, for me, shows Cathy has a keen attention to detail that sets her course apart for many of the others ones currently available online.

In addition the structure of the online course make it very accessible to beginners, intermediates and advanced singers alike. It covers the mechanics of singing (posture, breathing, delivery) as well as looking at singing from a visual perspective internally. These are elements that are sadly often overlooked in many courses online and she should be commended on focusing in such detail on these areas. Furthermore Cathy brings a personal quality to the course, which makes you feel like you are always getting a one-to-one singing lesson.

If I were to summarise I believe Cathy’s combination of intelligence, commitment, perseverance, creativity, and compassionate character make her an inimitable force and I believe her online course would be a tremendous asset to any singer be they beginner or experienced. “

Dylan Clarke- singer/musician

Dr Derek Cremin (Musicologist & session musician)

Highly recommend this course, have been using another course for a couple years and after completing this course I realized how much superior this is compared to the other. Clear explanations of the body teaches you to recognize your body as an entire instrument, and to make corrections accordingly. Really appreciated how there are four pdf notes packed with REAL information. Thankful I found this!

Xavier (Singer)