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Triple platinum selling recording artist - Lessons for Professional Singers and Complete Beginners

There are many benefits to children learning to sing. Singing in a group class encourages children to develop their listening and cooperative skills. It sparks the growth of imagination, and fosters a sense of achievement and self-confidence.

Singing lessons for children can help with other forms of learning and language development. Finding their singing voice can give children a lifelong love of singing and the confidence to experiment with the voices.

This can be very beneficial in education where a second or third language is required. Singing can help children with self-expression, vocal imitation and patterning, rhythm and rhyme.

Our singing voice has also been shown to have a direct improvement on brain development. Singing causes our feelgood endorphins to start flowing and stimulating our brain activity. Along with our breathing, singing can strengthen our memory and improve our multitasking skills.

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