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Welcome to find your voice with
Cathy Vard

You are most welcome to my site and I hope you find some valuable information here. I found my own voice from an early age and have continued to develop it over 30 years as a professional singer and recording artist. I believe that everyone can and should sing for their own enjoyment and health.

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My Singing Classes

This class is great for beginners with little or no experience of singing and is a fantastic way of exploring your voice for the first time. Whatever your goals are for your singing we will strive to accomplish them together.

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This private class will be tailored to suit the individuals needs. With my 25 years as a professional singer and recording artist there is very little I have not seen or experienced in my own career.

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One of the most amazing aspects of music is seeing how children react to learning a instrument. With my small children’s group classes, students learn the correct and best singing techniques that will stay with them for life

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It is very common for singers to experience vocal problems. This is a incredibly stressful experience, especially if you are a professional singer. Trust me I know, It happened to me!

Usually the difficulties you are experiencing are due to poor technique that have been developing not just since you began to sing, but in how you stand, breath and walk.

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One of the most rewarding aspects of singing can be joining your voice with others.
Everywhere in Ireland there are many different types of choirs that are all looking for members. There are also many choral competitions that are run all through the year.

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My Private Studio

My Studio is a relaxing calm place to get the most out of your lesson, located just off the Ballinteer Road

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I am lead singer of a band called I’m Your Vinyl. I remember when I first lost my voice temporarily, it was four years ago right before I was due to perform an important show in my home town of Birr.

My doctor referred me to a throat specialist who informed me that I was suffering with nodules. They have been reoccurring over the years. Cathy has taught me how to maintain a healthy voice on a daily basis, through the right use of  breathing, the importance of vocal restvocal warmups and minding how we use our speaking voice.

Most of all, she has a very calming effect on you and has wonderful insights into the world of music. I would highly recommend working with Cathy.


Dana Donnelly

singing tip: singing with line

Our vocal chords ( sometimes called vocal folds) sit horizontally behind our Adam’s apple and vibrate horizontally as we sing. Next time you are singing keep this in mind. As you start singing think of a straight line. Don’t pull your chin up as you reach...


I have been singing professionally for the past 10 years but the last couple of years has been a struggle. Between temporarily losing my voice, hoarseness and pain my confidence deteriorated and I became disillusioned with singing. I spoke to a friend of mine who had...

Singing Classes Gift Vouchers

Christmas is coming up soon – Are you wondering how to say you really care this year? Is someone special in your life a soprano in the shower, and a wallflower in the living room? Show them that you believe in them with a gift voucher for singing classes this...

Breathing correctly is vital

In my experience as a professional singer and vocal coach, correct breathing is the most important thing when it comes to singing. The “air” is what makes the sound! If we don’t know how to achieve the right air flow we run into vocal problems. Click...

Professional Singer

350/8 Weeks
  • Custom designed class to suit your individual needs
  • Private class for full 1 to 1 attention
  • Build a complete holistic technique
  • Teacher with 25 years professional experience
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Vocal Problems

350/8 weeks
  • Total confidentiality assured for all singers
  • This private class will be tailored to your very specific needs
  • Vocal routine set in place to solve your problems
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Children's Groups

200/10 weeks
  • Confidence building for children Techniques that will stay with them for life Classes are run in a child friendly fun way
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